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Angela Reinartz

Angela Reinartz

Director Digital

As Director Digital based at Integer’s Hamburg office, Angela manages the network’s largest eCommerce hub and oversees digital content strategies and content creation with the mission of defining the best customer experience that moves people from living, to looking, to buying.

Leveraging Integer’s internal and broader network as well as external partners, she strives to design collaboration models that fit clients' needs as flexible as needed, and as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

By now, Angela has 17 years of agency experience and is excited to have lived through one of the biggest shifts in the history of this industry. 
She has touched on a multitude of different disciplines such as Brand Strategy, Above-the-Line Communication, Shopper Marketing, Digital and eCommerce.
Angela has worked with a variety of multi-national clients such as Procter & Gamble, Mondelēz, Heineken, MARS, Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf, DIAGEO and Roche.

Outside of her professional engagement, Angela enjoys traveling the world, preferably to tropical climates with an abundance of underwater life and great diving opportunity.

What motivates you to get up every day?
Personally, I like the nature of my field - it’s constantly changing and moving.
Therein, Integer with all its people and capabilities provides a great environment to shape your own role and use tools to think, create and execute good stuff.

What was the best advice you ever got?
Be you, yourself, and you - everyone else is already taken.
- My Mom -
(I think, Oscar Wilde quotes her in a similar way…)

You have 3 sentences to talk about Integer in a Pitch:
As a Commerce Agency we deal with human beings who, at some point and time, will make a purchase decision.
Now, we ask where and how we can start the conversation with those people, how we ‚gently nudge‘ them forward to their next point in the journey, how we close the sale at any given point of transaction and stay in touch with them afterwards.
Other than this, we believe in partnership and are keen to understand where you stand in the journey and how we can add most value to your endeavor.

Ingo Zacher

Ingo Zacher

Executive Creative Director

Ingo leads the creative department of Integer Hamburg as Executive Creative Director. What motivates him is his love for ideas that really work, that solve a customer’s dilemma and that prove to be successful.
No wonder: his roots lie in dialogue and CRM agencies, such as Publicis Dialog, TRACK, and BBDO-Proximity. He was creatively responsible for the dialog and digital business for brands, such as smart, car2go, and Unitymedia in Dusseldorf, Berlin, and Hamburg for many years.

Fitting for a creative director, Ingo has also won numerous national and international awards, as well as served in award juries and worked as a lecturer for aspiring copywriters.

Ingo has recently celebrated his 30th anniversary working in the advertising field. He is still more than curious about what the next exciting "big thing" is that will move the advertising world.

Ingo likes people, travel, movies (even with his drone, despite Stixi's complaints), White Russians, and Ricard.

What was the best advice you ever got?
"You also eat an elephant piece by piece.” That's what my old CD said to me when we were faced with an insurmountable task. And he was right. Just start. The rest usually will fall into place.

What speaks particularly for Integer Hamburg?
The spirit. The people. The cohesion. The technical competence. The good mix of experienced silverbacks and highly motivated beginners.

What was your dream job at the age of 18? And where are there parallels with what you do today?
I wanted to become an officer and a professional soldier. Although this is not exactly the most creative job in the world, I found the idea fascinating to work with modern technology and in a perfectly coordinated team. So, I’m actually not too far removed from that today.

Regina Paetel

Regina Paetel

Managing Director

Raphael Stix

Raphael Stix

Managing Director Europe

After 15 years at Unilever and years of gathering profound experience in marketing and sales, Raphael decided to take on a new challenge by jumping headfirst into the agency world. He became a partner in a leading, privately-owned agency and brought it together as a joint venture with TBWA\. Over the past years he has built this agency from 3 to 70 people, covering POS, e-commerce, and healthcare to create Integer Germany – one of the leading agencies in Europe residing at the intersection of branding and selling. Raphael, or ‘Stixi’, has worked together with FMCG brands (Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Unilever, Heineken, NIVEA, and more), and major retailers such as Metro, Lidl, and Edeka. In addition to acting as CEO for Integer Germany, Stixi is Managing Director for Integer Europe.

What motivates you to get up every day?
Besides my alarm clock, I’m motivated by my daily interaction with people and the necessity to solve the business topics of clients creatively.

What was the best advice you ever got?
You should treat people as you would like to be treated.

You have 3 sentences to talk about Integer in a pitch.
Knock on our door if you have a marketing or sales-related business issue.
Knock on our door before you have a marketing or sales-related issue. Knock on our door to plan, develop, and execute a marketing and sales-related success